rocket-farms-euro-4in-wrap-2013Our availability and pricing for our holiday selection has been finalized, and we’re excited to share it with you in preparation for the Christmas surge! You can simply use it as a guide when placing your order, or actually fill it in and submit it by email, fax, or phone. Follow the link below to download the file, and find tips for ordering during the Holidays.

rocket-farms-tulipsThey say April’s showers bring May’s flowers, but for a Tulip the story starts in the winter! That’s why we always carry bulk tulip, daffodil, and other bulbs in the fall. Great for novice and expert greenthumbs alike, spring bulbs are always a perfect addition to your store where they can be sold individually at a retail-friendly price point. Their availability in big numbers and unique color options make them great for landscaping jobs, too.

rocket-farms-hardgoods-summer-2013We have received a new container of hardgoods here at the Rocket Farms Wholesale Center, just in time for the summer months. Hit the Read More link for more pictures of this new collection of decorative items!

rocket-farms-dendrobium-kinganiumHailing from the eastern mountain ranges of Australia, Dendrobium Kinganium is a woody and lightly fragrant orchid well suited to cool weather, unlike its more tropical cousins.

rocket-farms-spring-hardgoodsGet ready for Spring with the new selection of Easter hardgoods we have just gotten in stock! Bright colors and adorable designs combine with egg-cellent pricing to make this new inventory the perfect match for our plants.

rocket-farms-christmas-glitter-euroThat’s right, the holidays are official on at BloomRite® Gardens. This past week we’ve been busy filling tables, printing signs, reorganizing the floor, unpacking and counting our entire holiday product range! Poinsettias, Amaryllis, Narcissus, Christmas Greens, Holly, Pines; you name it, we’ve got it in stock now.

It’s that time of year again! Poinsettias, Pines, Amaryllis, Narcissus, and more are all arriving at BloomRite® Gardens this week. For your convenience we have prepared our Holiday Price list so you can see pricing and sizes at a glance, and plan orders in advance!

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