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If the idea of tomatoes and watermelon together sounds odd to you, this dish will be a revelation. There is a saying that what grows together goes together, and in this case it is true. If you think of tomatoes as a fruit, which they are botanically, this combination makes more sense. Seasonality, however, is the key. I make this salad only in the summer, when tomatoes, watermelon, and cucumbers are at their peak of flavor. Rich, creamy Hass avocadoes are included to lend a nice contrast of flavor and texture. I always toss this salad together before serving, but for the photo opposite I was inspired to create a painstaking mosaic of the ingredients. If you're so inclined, feel free, but don't say I didn't warn you—it takes a lot of time.

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Place plants where you will see them. Studies have shown that plants can boost mood levels, reduce fatigue, and lower stress!

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Many colors and many variations. Orchids are a perfect compliment and can brighten up any room!

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While roses may fall flat for most dads, one of our Rocket Farms topiaries could make a clever gift for the man that’s proud of his yard.

These are topiaries shaped using a wire frame onto which the plant is trained or grown in. Some are stuffed with sphagnum moss, whereas others are hollow or maybe filled with the trained plant.

Ivy topiary care is very easy. Ivy has a well deserved reputation for being tough to kill, so in turn topiaries made with it will be very hardy. It can thrive in a range of temperatures and light conditions. Just avoid overwatering or letting the roots sit in water. To water a topiary made with moss, just soak the moss in it or pour it on much like you would on potting medium. The trickiest part of topiary care is maintaining the shape, but thanks to the nature of 'new' or 'portable' topiary, you’ll always have a guide thanks to the wire frame. Just trim back the plant when it over grows its shape!

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Bonsai trees would make a great gifts for Father's Day. Unique and stylish with pots in an assortment of colors, your father, grandfather, uncle or brother will surely enjoy having these in his home or office.

Because the variety of plants used in these arrangements is so broad, the care requirements for them are equally as variable. However, most prefer cooler environments with bright indirect light. Keep them moist by watering directly around the trunk of the tree, allowing the container to drain.

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Wall gardens are a delight. These conversation pieces can be a stunning addition to both large and small spaces. Perfect for herbs where space is limited.

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