Holiday Price List available, plus tips for orders (please read!)

It’s that time of year again! Poinsettias, Pines, Amaryllis, Narcissus, and more are all arriving at BloomRite® Gardens this week. For your convenience we have prepared our Holiday Price list so you can see pricing and sizes at a glance, and plan orders in advance!

The list is available in two different file formats, in case one is preferable to the other for you. If it’s all a bit too technical, no worries, just contact us your fax number and that you’d like a copy sent to you that way instead.

Armed with this handy list we strongly encourage our customers to place orders in advance. For the next two months the flow of product in and out of the store will be very fast, and so availability can be transient and fleeting. Ordering is the best way to ensure availability, so we say order early and order often!

Here are a few pointers about placing orders from years of experience we have from this time of year:

  1. Make sure to get confirmation from the sales person you leave the order with. We check our voicemail and email diligently, but the volume of messages we get is staggering! If you have not actually had a response from a salesperson, its best to assume they don’t know about it yet.
  2. Get the name of your salesperson. This is essential during pickup since it will help in the event you are not satisfied with the product pulled or you need to make a change beforehand.
  3. We need a minimum of 3 to 4 days to guarantee special orders. This one is hugely important, and for poinsettias in particular! We will have red and white available on hand most of the time, but for large quantities or novelty colors we must have as much notice as possible.
  4. Point orders for pickup close to Christmas are not recommended. This may seem counter intuitive, but the closer we get to Christmas, the more difficult it is to fill orders. By the time it’s the week before Christmas the supply of available poinsettias is severely depleted, and so we strongly recommend instead ordering for pickup at an earlier date and storing them as needed.

Of course, these are not hard and fast rules. We always strive to deliver the quality of product and customer service you’ve come to expect from BloomRite® Gardens even if, for example, you get short notice on a large order from one of your clients. But we’re happiest when our customers are happy, and these four points always seem to cause the most headaches during these hectic holiday weeks.

Best of luck this season, and we hope to see you on the store floor!