Bulk Bulbs Arriving Next Week!

rocket-farms-bulbs-arrivalThat’s right! Our bulk bulbs are almost here and should be hitting the floor any day now. We already distributed the price and availability sheet a couple weeks back, so don’t forget to grab it! Imported from the Netherlands, these Dutch bulbs represent a collection selected from the most popular varieties on the European market. Keep reading to learn more about them.

Packaged in colorful retail-ready boxes with professional photographs of the variety inside, these boxed bulbs are suitable for a retail environment or landscaping project. The boxes also double as dispensers when stood on end, so no need for big open crates; these will easily fit on a shelf or table.

These bulbs are also a good value to your retail customers. They are kept in the ground longer during cultivation to ensure that they are top sized compared to others. Additionally, the growers store them at the necessary temperature they need during their dormancy to ensure blooming. Combined with chilled shipping our selection of bulbs should require little additional cold storage, if any, to bloom.

If you’re interested in reserving some bulbs, give us a call! Be sure to order sooner rather than later, so you can have your choice of colors. Check the availability list linked above for more details.