New Limited Item: 1 Gal Castle® Roses

Here at Rocket Farms we’re always trying to find innovative new products to give our customers an advantage at retail. This means we’re often growing some quantity of new varieties of plants, even as our core range of products is stable. This week we thought we would introduce our readers to a new item that will be available for only a short time: It’s called the Castle® Rose, and it’s a modern type of bouquet rose.

The Castle® Rose is a very compact but bushy plant, meaning that they don’t require as much space as traditional bouquet roses. Furthermore, they are hardy to outdoors conditions and will take full sun. This makes them particularly well suited to the patio. Best of all, fall is the perfect time to plant them outdoors, since this gives them time to acclimate before the winter.

Depending on the variety of Castle® Rose, the plant will produce double or semi-double flowers with many blooms per stem. The three varieties you can find here in Will Call are Hunyard, Blarney and Caesarea; of those Caesarea and Hunyard are also scented varieties. All three kinds will grow 2-3 feet tall eventually.

Fortunately, caring for these roses is not too difficult. Keep the soil moist but not soggy, and place them somewhere with full sun ideally. Use liquid fertilizer monthly during the growing season. You can find Castle® Roses in Will Call for a limited time, now for just $6.95 each! Visit the Contact page to place an order for pickup.

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