Green Goods

Plants For Living™ Green Goods Plants For Living™ Green Goods

New Summer 2019

Our green goods line of products has lasting benefits. Our new line of Green Goods is grown and finished in California greenhouses, minimizing the use of fertilizers or additional light and temperature controls – providing a better environment for our workers and a longer lasting premium plant.


  • Long-lasting, easy care plants featuring the coolest specimens within each variety. Each Plants for Living™ Green Goods program features an assortment of carefully curated plants – 3 sansevieria and 2 tropical plants, for an exciting display of shapes and textures.

Plant Care

Water when soil is dry.

This plant likes dry conditions. Place in a bright location, in any room of your home, 60 degrees F and above.

Go ahead and transplant into a well draining soil when it outgrows it’s original pot.