Sage - Potted

Potted Sage Potted Sage

Potted herbs can be placed on a kitchen counter or windowsill and used throughout the season with proper care, great for last minute inspirations that add a special "wow" to any meal.

The scent of fresh sage can remind you of the woods on a warm day. Traditional in turkey stuffings and sausages, sage is a natural salt substitute. Cuts down the richness of game and fatty meats.

Enjoy with fresh vegetables, sauces, breads and in stock. Brew some sage tea!


  • Sizes: 3".
  • Availability: Year round.
  • Protocols: Conventional and organic.


  • CCOF Certified: Organically grown indoors for the best quality and flavor.
  • Primus GFS / GFSI: Internationally recognized standard for farm production.