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  2. Thursday, 09 September 2021
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Hi I bought a venus flytrap off amazon and it came on the 7th with everything needed for it but I am not sure it has enough soil I attached a photo to my post showing how much soil there is in it and that's what it came with but do you think I should put a little more soil? This is my 1st venus flytrap and I am already in love with it so trying to take really good care of it so it will.live for a very long time.I was also wondering when it came there were and still are 9 traps on it but all but 1 trap is closed is that normal? I am asking cause the one that has been open has not shut and the other 8 that are closed have never opened and it said that I could not feed until a week from when I planted which was the 7th when I planted it..and there is 2 traps that are close to each other and it looks like the one trap closed with the other closed trap in the trap (I hope u know what I am trying to say I would add a pic of it but it will only allow to to attach 1 photo) and thanks in advance for reading and helping me out god bless you ♥...I tried to upload pic but it says I am over the 0.5 MB limit so I don't know how I can upload pic of my trap either ?

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