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  2. Friday, 28 May 2021
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Jessica Stabler
I got a Venus Fly Trap because I feel into gardening 2 years ago, found out I had a green thumb and my youngest son fell too. He was enamored by carnivorous plants and got a pitcher plant. I knew nothing about it (and still know very little, but it's doing better than my fly trap). The fly trap followed because plants bring us joy. Information from the point of purchase was incorrect and the plant was sick, so I began trying to figure out what was wrong. First came making sure we had the right water (now we do) and then I thought it may be root- bound). I put it in a bigger pot, but that wasn't the case and now I see it probably won't ever be. I did put it's original peat moss on top and full the bottom with sphagnum moss and pearlite. That's probably wrong too. But it is eating bugs now. I just want to make sure it continues to get healthy. It hurts my heart to see it struggle. I think I'm overwatering. We live in south Carolina where it's already hanging out in the 90s. Since it got in the 50s, it has been hanging on my front porch, uncovered, and gets about 3 hours of morning sun (direct) and then indirect sun/ shade until dark. It's pretty humid here most days. I only just discovered I would need a cover, but don't know when I would use it (at what humidity). Any tips on particular to what I've done so far to help get it healthy would be helpful. I'm already trying to digest the information posted already in the forum. Information I found on other places was sparse and then contradictory. I feel so bad for treating it poorly.
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"Fell" into gardening
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