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  1. Flowers/Trees
  2. Friday, 12 April 2019
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Claudia Tedford
I purchased a Campanula MEE at Von's 2 days ago with a HydraTech Self-watering system. It is not clear to me how to water this lovely little plant. Not sure where the water well is, and where the wick is either? Also, am I supposed to use the plastic identifier to direct the water into the plant? Confused...
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Hi, I’ve seen this question posted in several places (I too bought a “self watering” flower at the grocery store in the last few days). Given I couldn’t find a clear answer, I decided to examine my own plant more closely. I could tell it was getting low on water in the bottom. I gently took the clay colored plastic pot and turned it upside down. Sure enough, out came my flowers in a smaller black pot with a definite wick that would indeed reach the water in the outer pot if I added the suggested half cup water. Personally though I decided i’m going to wait at least a night before putting another 1/2 cup water in there (and I may not use quite that much). The soil in my plant definitely doesn’t feel close to dry and my instructions say “add water when it starts to feel dry”. Since over watering is a common mistake, I definitely wouldn’t recommend keeping that “well” with water in it all the time. So, to answer your question, there is a planter within that outside container. Two tips: my plants love me since I switched to mostly distilled water (or at least leave your tap water out over night so it can off gas, so to speak. Secondly, the pot my plant is actually in is pretty small when you take it out of the outer pot. I might keep the wick system but figure out a way to use it in a larger pot. Any pot would work...just keep the concept, the plant/wick in one pot placed inside a bigger pot that will hold water it can pull from. In this case, you’d want an outer pot without drainage and a plastic pot that sat in it with the wick able to reach the water. Same set up but a bigger inner pot inside perhaps a ceramic/decorative pot, no hole on the bottom. Long answer to short question. Hope this helps some.
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