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  1. Flowers/Trees
  2. Thursday, 03 January 2019
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Dory McDaniels
My boyfriend and I got a European Tree that you have to transplant after the Holiday. If you don't have liquid fertilizer plant food what can you use for this European Tree.
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Thank you for your question. These trees like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
If you are transplanting into a larger pot, or outdoors, bagged potting soil will have, so use fresh soil or mix some in if planting outside.

If you compost, your soil will also likely contain these components. Nitrogen is found in fruit waste, corn stalks,and even poultry manure.
I found this website with information on nutrients, specifically nitrogen: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/gardening/a20705698/nitrogen-for-plants

Good luck, and thank you for contacting our site.
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