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  1. Flowers/Trees
  2. Friday, 14 December 2018
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Robyn Bellospirito
I'm writing about the use of white flocking on the trees. The white flocking is killing them. I saw this little European Tree (that's what the label read) and I had to reach down into the plastic wrap to feel that it was growing in soil and was, indeed, real. It looked like a plastic tree. The soil was dry as dust. Maybe the employees don't water it because they think it's fake, too. It was so upsetting to me because I love trees so much. I would have purchased it if I thought it had a chance to live, but when I tried to scrape a little of the white off the branches, not much came off. The white coating is suffocating it and I think it's a horrible thing to do this to what was a perfectly beautiful tree that could have been planted so it could continue to grow.

I wish the company would stop using the white flocking and just sell the trees as they naturally are. The company claims to be organic and sustainable. What is that white stuff made of? If anyone from the company is reading this, will you please stop using the white flocking?
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Hi Robyn, thanks for your posting and keeping a watchful eye on our trees. Truth be told: flocking actually helps prolong the life of a tree. Flocking, which has its roots as far back as the 1800's, is a decorative process of adding colorful micro-fibers to a tree. We use a cotton/poly blend to flock our trees and promote a "White Christmas" look. The flocking fibers help reduce "transpiration" (the evaporation of water from plant leaves) thereby locking in moisture. Aesthetically, there are likes and non-likes, but you can't argue the benefits to the life of the plant! thanks
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