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  2. Friday, 17 August 2018
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Hilda Brown
Another selection purchased from Walmart as part of the Rainbow Mix 2.5" collections. Can you please help me to identify this Rocket Farms succulent?

Many thanks,
Hilda IMG_1607.PNG
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It is looking like selenicereus hamatus to me. It is an easily cultivated and a fast-growing plant. They do not require much attention to growing. They do not require much water as compared to other plants from growing, but they do attract pests. Pests like slugs, sowbugs and millipedes attack on selenicereus hamatus. So you need to be careful about pests. One can also try taking help from Exterminator Wallingford CT to take care of selenicereus hamatus. Professionals have experience in dealing with this matter, so they can better help you out.
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