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  1. Flowers/Trees
  2. Saturday, 28 July 2018
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My first flowers from my true love given to me for my 40th birthday just yesterday. I asked for purple roses last Valentines day and was told my flowers were still growing, after 1 year together I was given a small plant and thought oh WOW how romantic...but now after reflection and research and confirmed convictions. I believe it was not an error or lack luster gesture but truely the most romantic thoughtful guesture I have ever been honored with. From it's long life to it's elegant color and quality to it's true representation of US...our relationship and life together. Please help this old fool...hopeless romantic save my plant. After having possed this poor plant less than 24 hours it has almost definately joined the graveyard I have created with every living plant or flower I have ever recieved or purchased. My first instinct was to take it back to Luckys and demand a replacement or a refund but like my boyfriend and what we have together I find myself drawn to nurturing it back to it's one time majesty. I took it with me to work at Jamba Juice to show off to coworkers, but the staff room was not kind to it and combined with a rough ride home have lead to almost definate failure. What can I do??? The most interesting fact is that MY BABY was "born and raised" in Salinas Ca. I too am from Salinas, having lived there my first 39 years of life. I moved to San Jose Ca for LOVE. I have driven on Espinoza Rd. 1 million times as a former School Bus Driver for children with special needs. Taking my short bus past the nurseries and beautiful flowers with my children in wheelchairs so happy and blessed. Never imagining that years later I would be so touched by a little purple budded flower that is far superior to a rose.
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my sincerest of apologies for the delayed response. Tech has not been kind to us, and we have lost some prior posts on the Forum that are showing up now. Thank you for your introduction and appeal. May i please ask you to contact me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that I may resolve this for you? thanks very much
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