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  1. Flowers/Trees
  2. Wednesday, 03 January 2018
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Alisa F.
I have it potted, zone 7 I think, and it's pretty cold here is winter. It's got some browning at the bottom. I didn't know I was supposed to give it fertilizer so I never did but just found out that it is recommended to do. Would a home-made fertilizer be okay to use? I read you can make you own without household things like epsom salt and eggshells etc. https://thegrownetwork.com/15-simple-and-inexpensive-homemade-fertilizers/

Can I leave it potted? What type of potting soil is recommended? Can anything be done about the brown areas? How much water should it be getting and should you water it even when it's freezing cod outside?

Here is a photo of it:

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