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  1. Flowers/Trees
  2. Friday, 17 February 2017
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Jessica Tang
Hi, I went to Walmart 5 days ago and purchased a "Love Bug" planter that is shaped like a ladybug and is very cute! I loved it so much that 5 days later I went back to Walmart to buy another one, but they no longer stock them. I saw Rocket Farms' logo on the planter and found your website to ask if you still sell these planters? I cannot find anything else even remotely similar on the internet!

Thank you! Attached is the planter I am talking about.
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Thank you for contacting us! Unfortunately, we are completely sold out of our Love Bugs and it sounds like the Wal-Mart you went to is sold out as well. Love Bugs continue to be one of our top selling products year after year. I would suggest checking other Wal-Mart's around you and asking the floral department manager if they have any left in stock.

Thanks for choosing Rocket Farms!
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