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  1. Flowers/Trees
  2. Tuesday, 31 January 2017
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Valerie dobbyn
My European tree has dried right out and leaves falling. Can I cut it right down and have it regrow
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We suggest to remove the dead parts of your tree and transfer it to a bigger sized pot. Dead, broken and diseased branches should be removed as soon as possible after you notice the damage. The is most important rule for cutting back Euro trees is to never cut all green shoots from any branch since the branch will not be able to absorb sunlight and grow more.

Re-pot every year in well-draining acid soil. Early Spring is the best time to re-pot and transplant. Re-pot it into an increment of 2" pots. Example: if currently in a 6" pot transplant it to an 8" pot the following year.

If you don't see results in a couple weeks, please email us and let us know!
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