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  2. Tuesday, 31 May 2016
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In Nov. 2015 I re-potted a Peace Lilly from a 6" pot to a 10" pot. It has been growing, but very small leaves and small white flowers. Looking closer it looks as if there could be 8 or 10 plants in this pot.
Does anyone know if this is what is causing the small leaves, and if so, should I put it in a Larger pot, or cut the roots to separate some of them?

Advice greatly appreciated!

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Hi Kim,

Over time peace lilies can get crowded and will benefit from being separated. You can take the plan out of its pot and separate it into different sections. Carefully grasp the stem of individual shoots and work the roots free from the root ball. Each section should have three to four leaves and have ample roots. You can then pot up these sections into new pots. I would advise not to cut the roots and leave as many intact as possible. Sometime separating plants like this can cause stress, so be gentle when dividing your peace lily.
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