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  2. Monday, 18 April 2016
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Traci searls
I purchased 2 succulents at Walmart and wondered if they can handle Ohio winters and what kind they are
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It depends on where you bought the succulents. Was it INSIDE the Walmart near the greeting cards section where they sell succulents as gifts or outdoors in the garden center?

If inside, I would assume, they wouldn't fare well outside. I'm from Detroit and the only succulents I know of that make it through the Winter there are hens and chicks. But I (of course) don't have experience with all sorts of succulents outside.

It would just seem that the succulents you bought inside the store, are meant for indoor use or in greenhouses in the OHIO area. Now...if you lived in the Western U.S. for example, then that might be a whole different matter.
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