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  1. Flowers/Trees
  2. Saturday, 20 February 2016
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So I never owned any flowers before, this is my first one. I don't really know anything about gardening. Just something to keep in mind.

I just got these cute roses as a gift about a week ago. And already Majority/almost all the leaves have fallen off. They were still a vibrant green though. It grew a new leaf but within a day or 2 the leaf shriveled up but it was still green. I have 3 rose buds and 2 are still almost fully green and the 3rd one, which isn't even open but looks like it should of opened up, the petals are getting dry/ look like they are aging and some of the stem (just a bit at the top) is thinning and turning brownish.
The soil seems to be moist and a bit cold, so I don't know if watering is the issue. I put it by the window, facing the north, with the sheer curtains closed, for hours a day. Though, it has been a bit dry in my room if that makes any difference.
I don't know what I should do to take care of it well.

Advice and tips would be appreciated! Thank you!


I have now moved the roses to the south window in the kitchen where I live and it is not doing any better. If anything, it is doing worse.


I have talked to my grandmother who owned roses before and she told me they are dormant. Though, two of them were still kind of green. I pruned them though, I hope I didn't kill them since 2 of them were mostly green.
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Growing parade roses is much like growing full size roses. Plant them in full sun for the best display. Be sure that they get plenty of water but also that they have good drainage as well.

Like the larger variety, proper parade roses care says that you should provide plenty of fertilizer as roses of all kinds are heavy feeders.

Another thing to consider when learning how to care for parade roses is that outdoors they are susceptible to black spot and blight. Making sure that you are growing parade roses in the best conditions possible will help prevent these diseases.

Pruning Parade Roses

Just like with other kinds of rose gardening, parade roses need regular pruning. Prune in the spring to remove dead or diseased canes.

You can also prune shortly after the plant has finished blooming. Prune the whole plant back by one-third to encourage another round of blooming.

Pruning will also help your growing parade roses keep a bushy, full shape.

Knowing how to care for parade roses is not any different than knowing how to care for full size roses. In gardening, parade roses can add a petite and delightful aspect to your garden
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