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  1. Herbs/Edibles
  2. Friday, 28 November 2014
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Hello Rocket Farms!
First of all I want to write to thank you for helping me make a happy family this Thanksgiving. We have a lot of cooks in my family - and I have seen it all from traditional to deep fry. Nothing I have tasted is even remotely as good as the easy 123 step herbal recipe we used yesterday from Rocket Farms. We simply followed the directions on the "Herbal Turkey Roasting Kit", lightly rubbed turkey in oil - rough chopped herbs after removing from stems, and placed herbs between skin, in and on turkey. then cooked. Moist succulent simple. We did not even use salt or pepper and the flavor was full and delightful! I am writing to ask how we can get more of these kits - I purchased this one at Aldi - and they have a hit/miss approach to stock...2 - if you ever need a rep in Minnesota - let me know - I will happily spread the word - not a single person I mentioned this to has ever even heard of the technique...and 3 what exactly were the herbs used in this kit?. Thanks again you guys - best Thansgiving turkey ever. Just wow!
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