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  2. Monday, 21 October 2013
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I just bought a Venus Fly Trap and the leaves are turning black already. Is it going dormant already?
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It is not likely that your trap is going dormant, but it is probably stressed and there are a variety of reasons why your plant could be getting black traps. It takes a lot of energy for a fly trap to catch and then digest its prey. If the plant is not receiving enough light or is stressed out for another reason, this can cause the fly traps to die after they digest a fly. Also, fly traps will die naturally after around 5 feedings, but new, stronger traps will grow in its place. You can cut off the black traps in order to keep the rest of the plant clean. I would place your plant in a spot that gets a lot of light and water it using distilled water. Venus fly traps are also sensitive to high salt levels, which can accumulate over time in the soil. This could also be the reason why traps are dying on your plant. Watering with distilled water will help to leech out the salts. I hope this helps and good luck with your venus fly trap! Please do not hesitate to ask more questions.
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