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  2. Monday, 21 October 2013
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We ordered a Bonsai Tree that looks like a long strand tree (BG Bonsai). How do I maintain and repot this Bonsai?
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Bonsai’s can be tricky to grow and require a lot of care, but as long as you give them attention and know what they need to survive, they are very rewarding to grow! The main problem people have with bonsai care is managing water. You should water them when they are on the dry side, but do not them the soil dry completely. Water thoroughly, either submerging the pot in water until it becomes saturated, or watering the soil from above with low pressure. Depending on how large the bonsai is and the weather, you may need to water your plant as much as every day. When it is warm and sunny, you can leave your bonsai outside. When the temperature begins to drop in the winter time, it is a good idea to bring your bonsai inside to shelter it from cold, harsh temperatures. In the spring time, it is necessary to prune your bonsai tree. Choose the branches that you would like to develop and leave them alone and cut off the ones that you do not want. The fun thing about bonsai trees is that you can choose the shape that the tree will become! In early spring or late fall, if the pot is looking crowded with roots, it may be necessary to repot your plant and trim the roots. When trimming the roots, it is important to leave as many small roots that you can, as they are the best at absorbing water. Trim the thicker roots winding around the pot. Root trimming can be tricky and depends on the variety of tree you have. Some trees need to be trimmed more than yearly, while others can be trimmed every decade. I hope all this information helps you with your bonsai and if you have more questions please do not hesitate to ask!
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