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  2. Thursday, 02 October 2014
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Janis Francis
Hi - I recently bought a Rainbow Cactus at my local Meijers store. There wasn't any care instructions on the wrapper or the container it came in (hope it lives, the soil was VERY dry). I replanted it and I'm attaching a picture of the plant. Could you let me know how to care for it and will it have any "flowers"?


Janis Francis
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Hi Janis,

Rainbow Cacti are drought tolerant so if it was dry when you bought it, it should still survive. Actually, it is better to wait until the soil is completely dry in between watering cacti. This may mean waiting a few weeks before watering again. Too much water will rot the roots and damage or kill the plant. Your cactus will need a lot of sun in order to flourish (at least 4 hours of direct sunlight a day) so keep it in a window that gets a lot of light. In the winter, keep it away from extreme cold temperatures and reduce watering. Your cactus will make pink or purple flowers in the summer.
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