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  2. Wednesday, 22 May 2013
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My daughter in Hollister bought me Campanula Get Mee, she bought them in Gilroy Walmart for Mother's Day but what happen is it was full of gnats. I went on your website and was told to put vinegar & soap mixture in the soil. I did that but all the flowers died and I had to cut them back to just the stalk. Will the plant come back or die completely if I continue to water it and keep it in the sun? Could you let me know at this stage what to do?
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Care for your plant can be influenced by many elements.

Your gnat situation can complicate the health of your Campanula Get Mee® however, with a proper remedy your Campanula Get Mee® should be feeling better in no time.

The Get Mee variety is one of the more hardy of the species.
Blooming from July to September, the Get Mee provides purple or white, star-shaped flowers to attract bees and butterflies into the garden. Get Mee is a versatile campanula that is generally grown as a ground cover but also thrives in tight spaces, rock gardens, and adds a shot of color to a mixed flower hanging basket.

Get Mee is easy to care for, grows fast and will spread quickly.

Here are our 5 steps to help your Campanula Get Mee® thrive in most situations:

Step 1
Grow your campanula in an area that gets bright but filtered sunlight.

Step 2
Ensure that the soil in which the campanula is planted drains quickly. Although the plant is tolerant of a wide range of soil textures and pH, the roots should not sit in water.

Step 3
Water the campanula to keep the soil moist but not soggy.

Step 4
Fertilize the Campanula Get Mee® in mid-spring with an all-purpose fertilizer, according to the rate listed on the package.

Step 5
Deadhead the plant frequently to keep it in bloom. This involves pinching off or cutting dead and dying blooms.

More Campanula Get Mee® information.

Thank you for purchasing a Rocket Farms product.
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