Sun Star

Orange Star Orange Star

Rocket Farms is the largest grower of the floral potted plant varieties of Orange, Yellow, and White Star in the U.S. These vibrant compact plants have large flowers that bloom over a 1-3 month period. The high impact florets bloom up the stem in succession to provide weeks of brilliant color. Has excellent shelf life.


  • Varieties: Orange Star, Yellow Star, Peach Star, Ivory Star
  • Sizes: 2” & 4”.
  • Availability: March - May in an array of holiday and seasonal decorative options.
  • 1-3 Months: Our proprietary growing techniques result in vibrant, showy flowers that bloom over a 1–3 month period.
  • 10 Years: The amount of research and development with a world renowned breeder to create commercialized Sun Star programs

Plant Care

Water: Keep planting mix moist.

Light: Place in bright indirect sun light indoors.

Continuing Care: Remove spent flower spikes at base.

Temperature: Performs well at a cooler indoor temperature.

Fertilizer: Use liquid fertilizer at half the label rate every other month.