Holiday Trees

European Tree® European Tree®

Rocket Farms offers European Trees® and Italian Stone Pines for the Christmas holiday period in a variety of sizes and decorative options to appeal to various retail audiences. Our unique moderate year round climate gives us a distinct edge, allowing for more robust plants. Our proprietary growing techniques result in trees that are stronger, more uniform, consistent, and have a longer shelf life.

Featuring a contemporary conical shape and lush green foliage, our European trees® are perfect for winter merchandising.

Our Italian Stone Pine trees have the traditional pine tree look, also perfect for winter merchandising.


  • 2 Varieties: European Trees® & Italian Blue Pine
  • Sizes: 3”, 4”, 5” & 6”
  • Treatments: Flocked, Glittered or Flittered rocket-farms-holiday-trees-flocked rocket-farms-holiday-trees-glittered rocket-farms-holiday-trees-flittered
  • Quality: Proprietary growing techniques make our trees stronger, more uniform, consistent, and have a longer shelf life
  • Shapely: Unique conical shape and evenness obtained through decades of rigorous testing and can be transplanted outdoors after the holidays.
  • Iconic: Trees are iconic symbols of the holidays, and a must have for any floral presentation.
  • Availability: November - December in an array of holiday and seasonal decorative options.

Plant Care

Water: Keep planting mix moist.

Light: Place in bright indirect sun light indoors.

Continuing Care: After the holidays, transplant to larger pot or plant outdoors.

Temperature: Performs well at an average indoor temperature.

Fertilizer: Use liquid fertilizer monthly at half the label rate.