GetMee® Campanula GetMee® Campanula

Rocket Farms is the largest grower of campanula in the U.S. Our Get Mee® campanula is the only floral upright potted plant variety on the market. We partner with breeders on genetics and research, resulting in higher quality end product with our specific needs in mind.

Our unique moderate year round climate, proprietary growing techniques and state of the art greenhouses result in campanula that are more consistent, have higher bud counts and have a longer shelf life. These vibrant compact plants feature full flowering over entire top of plant and are available in a broad selection of seasonal decorative container enhancements that fit today’s consumer lifestyle.


  • Varieties: Get Mee® (Purple & Dark Purple), White Wonder rocket-farms-campanula-get-mee-purplerocket-farms-campanula-get-mee-dark-purplerocket-farms-campanula-white-wonder-2
  • Sizes: 2”, 4” & 6”.
  • Availability: Year round in an array of holiday and seasonal decorative options.
  • Characteristics: Get Mee® campanula has compact, upright, bright purple flowers. White Wonder campanula features eye-catching white flowering over the entire top of the plant.
  • 1,000+: Number of buds per typical Get Mee® plant.
  • Breeding: We have a strategic partnership with the largest Campanula breeder in the world, ensuring ongoing development and advancement of our Campanula products.
  • Size: We are the largest producer of campanula in the United States. Our state of the art greenhouse facilities and moderate climate result in more consistent flowering and robust plants.
  • Color, Durability, Enjoyment: Our 6th Generation Get Mee® features darker purple flowers, longer life and greater enjoyment.

Plant Care

Water: Keep planting mix moist.

Light: Place in bright indirect sun light indoors.

Continuing Care: Plant outdoors in partial to full sun. Perennial blooms.

Temperature: Performs well at an average indoor temperature.

Fertilizer: Use liquid fertilizer monthly.