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Many colors and many variations. Orchids are a perfect compliment and can brighten up any room!

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While roses may fall flat for most dads, one of our Rocket Farms topiaries could make a clever gift for the man that’s proud of his yard.

These are topiaries shaped using a wire frame onto which the plant is trained or grown in. Some are stuffed with sphagnum moss, whereas others are hollow or maybe filled with the trained plant.

Ivy topiary care is very easy. Ivy has a well deserved reputation for being tough to kill, so in turn topiaries made with it will be very hardy. It can thrive in a range of temperatures and light conditions. Just avoid overwatering or letting the roots sit in water. To water a topiary made with moss, just soak the moss in it or pour it on much like you would on potting medium. The trickiest part of topiary care is maintaining the shape, but thanks to the nature of 'new' or 'portable' topiary, you’ll always have a guide thanks to the wire frame. Just trim back the plant when it over grows its shape!

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Bonsai trees would make a great gifts for Father's Day. Unique and stylish with pots in an assortment of colors, your father, grandfather, uncle or brother will surely enjoy having these in his home or office.

Because the variety of plants used in these arrangements is so broad, the care requirements for them are equally as variable. However, most prefer cooler environments with bright indirect light. Keep them moist by watering directly around the trunk of the tree, allowing the container to drain.

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Wall gardens are a delight. These conversation pieces can be a stunning addition to both large and small spaces. Perfect for herbs where space is limited.

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Get inspired and do something special for Mother's Day. Use everyday materials to create beautiful messages for Mom. Put extra thought and effort into your creation to show her you care.

Want something different? Try our incredible drought tolerant plants: cactus, succulent and tillandsia.

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Give the mom in your life gorgeous Rocket Farms roses; she deserves it! Mothers all around the world do and give so much to us. We need to say, "thank you!" Show all moms your appreciation by giving them roses. Be sure to give some to your grandmother, wife, sister, aunt, cousin, in-laws and any other mother in your life.

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You can put a smile on any mother's face with the gift of a beautiful sun star from Rocket Farms. These vibrant compact plants come in brilliant colors of orange, yellow or white. Be sure to get one for mom this Mother's Day!

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This Mother's Day, give your mom a fresh, beautiful phalaenopsis orchid from Rocket Farms. Orchids come in a variety of colors and patterns, and they add style and elegance to any room. Moms are sure to love!

Learn more about Rocket Farms orchids.

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rocket-farms-orchidsWant to make sure you have the orchid gardens and baskets you need this holiday? Give us a call 650-712-4195 and pre book your Mother's Day. We are always here to help you with what your customers want.

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rocket-farms-i-love-you-momWe have expanded and improved our cactus, succulent and tillandsia product mix. Explore all our incredible drought tolerant plants and find something you don't see every day.

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