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Our Bamboo is part of the Draceana house plant. Common names include lucky bamboo, friendship bamboo, and Goddess of Mercy Plant. Maybe one of the reasons why they are called lucky is their knack for adapting to their environment which makes them the perfect gift and a cool house plant.

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Cactus is a popular plant in homes as it is easy to care for and of the coolest plants ever!

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Our Foliage collection are carefully chosen Peperomia with undulated textured leaves. These are one of our coolest house plants as they are compact and easy to care for.

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New Summer 2019

Our green goods line of products has lasting benefits. Our new line of Green Goods is grown and finished in California greenhouses, minimizing the use of fertilizers or additional light and temperature controls – providing a better environment for our workers and a longer lasting premium plant.

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Celebrate the Day of the Dead and enjoy endless variety with these Día de los Muertos inspired succulent pots.

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Flowers make the perfect gift for Mother's Day. We have many beautiful options that Mom will love: Orchid Gardens, Blooming Baskets, Azaleas, 2" and 4" Roses, Seashell Succulent Gardens, and more.

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Fun fact: campanula have been considered lucky since medieval times. So here's a little luck of the Irish, from us to all of you: Happy St. Patty's Day!

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Our Galentine's Day roses are a fun way to decorate or remind your friends how much you care.

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Red roses are often associated with Valentine's Day, but did you know that succulents symbolize enduring and timeless love? Because these hardy plants are so easy to take care of, they're the perfect way to say "I love you" to your special someone (even if they don't have a green thumb).

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Pachira, also known as money trees, are traditionally given as gifts during the Chinese New Year as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Be on the lookout for these braided plants with stems that have 7 leaves for an extra dose of luck!

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