Rocket Farms donates orchids for Mother's Day

Greenhouse Management
Rocket Farms is donating flowers for the Alliance on Aging’s “I Remember Mama”. This will be the second year Rocket Farms donates for the campaign, which sends flowers to women living in assisted-care facilities and nursing homes throughout Monterey County, Calif.

Mother’s Day can be lonely for some women living in nursing homes and assisted-care facilities, and Rocket Farms is pleased that its orchids will provide a little brightness for mothers who may not otherwise be acknowledged on this day.

Rocket Farms specializes in orchids, poinsettias, organic herbs, vegetable plants and a variety of potted flowering ornamentals. Its products are available at local farmers markets, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Costco, Safeway and a number of other retail locations.

If you would like to help Rocket Farms and Ombudsmen, a program of Alliance on Aging celebrate mothers by sending these special women a blossoming plant, visit

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