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Machine Operator I (Half Moon Bay, CA)

  • Position:Machine Operator I
  • Job Classification: Regular, Full Time
  • FLSA Status: Hourly, Non Exempt
  • Department: Horticulture
  • Supervisory Responsibilities: No
  • Reports To: Production Supervisor
  • Location: Half Moon Bay, CA


Job Summary:

The Machine Operator has direct oversight and responsibility for handling machinery as well as maintaining accurate records of assigned tasks pertinent to the assigned machine and the routine maintenance of the machines Additionally, the Machine Operator is responsible to help supervisor to double check quality standards to make sure activities are preformed effectively and efficiently.


Essential Responsibilities:

  • Be able to safely and efficiently operate assigned machinery including but not limited to the equipment below:
    • Cutting Machines
    • Potting Machines
    • Bale Buster Machines
    • EllePot Machines
    • Seeding Machines
    • Spacing Robots
    • Selection Robots
    • Sticking Robots
    • Automatic sorting/grading systems
    • Watering tunnels
    • Sleeving Machines
    • Boxing Machines
  • Follow specific machine operating procedures as instructed and help develop Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Partner with department head and crew leads to comply with the crop production standards (quality, pot size, crop size, etc.) as defined and updated as often as needed.
  • Maintain accurate production and efficiency records as required.
  • Set up machine and any attachments appropriate for the machine, crop and specification as defined in specific Operation/Machine Procedure.
  • Ensure all machinery and attachments are functioning appropriately at all times.
  • Follow daily setup and shutdown procedures to ensure a clean, well-functioning operation for the following shift. Dispense of unused crops.
  • Inspect machine on a daily basis according to guidelines provided by Rocket Farms Inc. Maintenance Department.
  • Properly manage machine during working shift and communicate with supervisor/lead when machinery needs maintenance.
  • Maintain a clean working area on a daily basis, specifically soil and plant material must be disposed in an appropriate manner at end of shift each day.
  • Effectively supervise other employees assisting in machine process to ensure safe practices and quality/production standards are being met.
  • Work responsibly and safely at all times. Report unsafe or hazardous conditions immediately.
  • Understand and comply with safety regulations at Rocket Farms Inc.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned or requested.



  • High School Diploma or equivalent preferred
  • Ability to read and understand technical manuals pertinent to machinery
  • 2+ years of experience working with equipment
  • Excellent communication skills, oral and verbal
  • Basic Math (addition, subtraction & division) required
  • Ability to work in various environment conditions such as but not limited to; warm, moist, wet areas, indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Ability to work long hours and weekends as needed, especially during peak seasons
  • Internal certification of proficiency required.

Interested in joining the Rocket Farms team? Fill out the job application form. Apply Now